About Us

EBRO Environmental Services is a Saudi national licensed and a pioneer in the field of environmental consultancy and studies , and approved by the National Center for Monitoring Environmental compliance .EBRO manages hazardous medical and industrial waste form transportation treatment and then  d umping it in qualified landfills located in designated and studied areas around the kingdom

EBRO employs experts and consultants with a long history in this field with the highest standards and within recognized international standards in consulting services and quality systems services

The office also provides consultancy and specialized training programs in several fields and specializations these programs are implemented by a group of  experts and academics these programs aim to provide distinguished and not traditional services for all different environmental activities.




To preserve and improves our environment by advanced scientific methodologies and latest Environmental concept to make a meaningful difference in the kingdoms environment enhance the quality of life and raising awareness among the public in addition EBRO will serve the whole kingdom by 2023


Achieving leadership in environmental studies to achieve the goals of environmental protection and sustainable development and contributing to the activation of environmental regulations and legislation

We directed

To ensure optimal performance in the future, we focus on enabling continuous growth and finding technical solutions capable of facing future changes, preserving the environment, and investing in the environmental field.